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See the web of the world, and the warp and the weft of that web.

Texere is home to a network of websites that showcase the breadth and depth of Humanities research conducted by faculty of the School of English, Drama and Film at University College Dublin.

Professor John Brannigan

Welcome to Texere

There is a long tradition of using images of weaving as metaphors for writing and the creative arts. We speak of narrative threads, of spinning a yarn, or weaving a story. These are images which help us to appreciate the connective work that literature, theatre and film performs, the ways in which stories create patterns and meaning out of chaos and confusion. Texere, the Latin verb for weaving, from which are derived the words text, texture and textile, is the name we have chosen for the digital hub for the research activities of UCD School of English, Drama and Film. Begin with one thread – a podcast, a seminar, or a paper – and, through this hub, you will find your own ways of connecting with our research stories.

Professor John Brannigan
Head of  School of English, Drama & Film, University College Dublin

"Interpretation is the revenge of the intellectual upon art" (or perhaps a more suitable quote) might go here.

I think what is needed here is utility text that explains something about the scope of the projects, how often they will be added, who is involved in producing the work and what the school does in supporting them. Two or three lines of text should be sufficient, we can probably take something from the intro of the projects page.

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Research Updates

This will be a news and events style blog grid that contains updates on the site, new additions, research related news etc. Might be useful as an all purpose research noticeboard for the School. it’s only pulling in projects at the moment because that’s all I have right now.

Project Spotlight

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Responding to scholarship that has emphasised the ecological consequences of the long histories of empire and how, in turn, empires are shaped by environments, Empire and Ecologies takes a humanities-centred and multidisciplinary approach to methodological issues and case studies that examine the construction of nature by various forms of imperial power across a range of periods and locations.

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Standard utility text asking people to contact us if they have anything they want to say, perhaps with some literary flourish about communication and relationships.